3 years ago, we got created and released the first ever Pine Tar style wood bat. Since then its become our most popular colorway by far. Click the image above to get yours. 


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The Original Pine Tar Bat

This look is inspired to embody the look of having your bat loaded with pine tar without the smell or mess.

We as ballplayers know through experience that while the pine tar look is swaggy, comes with some cons. Those cons include the potential to ruin the rest of your gear or other bats; time such as putting it in your bag or resting the bat on your shoulder can get it all over the place without you noticing.

This bat comes in our very popular Tater-X12 Pro model. If you are looking for it in a different model, feel free to choose one in our collection and build it using our Custom Bat Builder.

X12 Product Brochure

Length: 31"
Weight: -3

About the Tater-X12 Wood Bat

Our most popular X model based off its comfort at the handle and compact barrel. The X12 experiences a lot of barrel whip through the zone and features one of the most popular handles our Pros use.

The Tater-X12 model is the ultimate contact hitter's wood bat. Ideally made out of maple, this bat features a unique bell knob that's slightly flared and rounded on the end. This bat is designed to resemble the same characteristics as the Francisco Lindor custom game model.

The thin handle and medium barrel provide the balance and consistency contact hitters need from their baseball bat.


We invented this look to fill the void for the modern ballplayer.

Our pine tar bats are one of our top sellers made from a flame tempered neck to give it that classic pine tar look without all the mess.


Each bat is made from professional grade, hand split, steel pressed maple.

All of our wood bats are finished with a high performance gloss finish, which aids in wood hardness and durability.


Starting the day you recieve your bat - you can swing confidently knowing your purchase is protected.


Get creative with a free custom engraving up to 40 characters.

Our engraving includes the legth and weight of the bat aswell as the model and your personalized text.