Collection: Fungos

Featuring the IF1 and PS150 models, this collection is designed to meet the diverse needs of baseball coaches, facilitating effective infield and outfield practice sessions. Whether you're focusing on quick infield drills or extensive outfield coverage, our fungo bats offer the perfect blend of lightweight design, durability, and hitting accuracy.

Collection Highlights:

  • IF1 Infield Fungo Bat: Engineered for infield practice, the IF1 model boasts a lightweight design that makes it effortless for coaches to hit ground balls and pop flies with precision. Its balanced feel and tailored construction ensure that coaches can conduct extensive drills without fatigue, enhancing the infielders' agility and responsiveness.

  • PS150 Outfield Fungo Bat: The PS150 is optimized for outfield practice, featuring a design that allows coaches to easily send fly balls to the farthest corners of the field. Its durable construction and balanced weight distribution make it an indispensable tool for developing outfielders' tracking and catching skills.