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Mini G Force 2.0 Split Grip Bat | 28" Short Bat *Patent Pending*

Mini G Force 2.0 Split Grip Bat | 28" Short Bat *Patent Pending*

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Introducing the Mini G Force 2.0: The Ultimate Compact Training Bat

Elevate Your Training with Professional Precision in a Smaller Package

Unlock the secret to mastering your swing with the Mini G Force 2.0, a compact version of the revolutionary Split Grip Overload® training bat. Designed in exclusive collaboration with Guillermo Martinez, Toronto's esteemed Big League Hitting Coach, this Patent Pending training tool is now available in a 28" variant, tailored for athletes seeking the benefits of professional-grade training in a more manageable size.

Compact Design, Powerful Results

  • Professional Endorsement: Utilized in daily training sessions by professional hitting coaches and renowned players in baseball, the Miniature G Force 2.0 brings the same level of expertise and innovation to your training regimen.
  • Innovative Split Grip Overload® Technology: Engineered to enhance top hand strength and refine bat path, this training bat emphasizes barrel control and the initiation of proper body movements, ensuring you get the most out of every swing.
  • Versatile Training Tool: Whether you're gearing up for the off-season or looking to maintain peak performance in-season, the Miniature G Force 2.0 is your go-to trainer. Its weighted design also makes it an ideal bat for on-deck swings, preparing you for the plate with confidence.
  • Customized Training Experience: Despite its compact 28" length, this trainer doesn't compromise on weight, offering a +6-8 ounces increase over the desired length for a substantial training impact. This design ensures a focused, intensive workout to develop strength and precision.

Designed for Dedicated Athletes

The Miniature G Force 2.0 is not just a training bat; it's a commitment to excellence. By condensing the power of the original G Force 2.0 into a 28" model, Tater provides a unique solution for athletes seeking to enhance their training with a bat that's both effective and easy to handle.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Swing Mechanics: Learn and reinforce proper swing mechanics, improving your overall batting performance.
  • Increased Strength: Build top hand strength and overall muscle memory, crucial for controlling the bat and hitting with power.
  • Improved Barrel Control: Gain mastery over barrel control, ensuring you can direct your hits with precision and consistency.

Durability and Quality

Crafted from premium-grade maple, our stock bat stands the test of time, game after game. Its precise grain alignment ensures unparalleled durability, letting you swing with confidence and power.


Designed for balance and a superior sweet spot, optimizing your swing for maximum power and precision. Its weight distribution is meticulously engineered to enhance your performance at the plate, making every hit count.

Brand Reputation and Endorsements

Trusted by professionals, the X12 is a testament to Tater Baseball's commitment to excellence and innovation in baseball equipment. Our bats are chosen by MLB players for their quality and performance, making our bat a choice you can trust.

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Our trainers can be found in many professional ballparks, training facilities, and college campuses for a reason.

Hitting coaches across all levels have implemented these training bats into their programs for the sole purpose of promoting proper swing mechanics.



Our training tools focus on building muscle memory by allowing a player to physically feel a correct swing.

Muscle memory will help relax the body, increasing your reaction time while at-bat.

Overload Underload Training Bats Program and Bundle

Every study done on weighted bat training and underload/overload programs has shown that Collegiate level players improve their bat speed by alternating between heavy, light, and normal-sized bats when compared to players just using their normal bat.

We have worked extensively with some of the most well regarded hitting programs at the professional level to develop a program that not only improves bat speed but utilizes split-grip training as a component to allow hitters to maintain proper bat path and maintaining balance while staying through the zone.

With every purchase we include free training program PDF that goes into detail on how to properly use these tools.

This program and training bat set is for the player looking to hit the ball harder, further, and more consistently. Perfect for a preseason ramp up to gain an edge on the competition, or, a postseason push to kick start your offseason.