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Clubhouse Chatter - Features our latest promotions and sales

  • 1 min read
We’re going Back to Back 🦍
Tater is back in MLB the Show 22 and we're excited for what's in store for the brand in this year's feature 🔥
Big shoutout to the team from @mlbtheshow for getting us in, we're looking forward to everyone being able to get Tater'd out even more this year 💯
  • 1 min read
Give your phone a fresh look with the Tater Kong Alt wallpaper inspired by your favorite team.
  • 1 min read
Christian Colón, 2015 MLB World Series Champion.  Finding baseball at a young age and deciding to make the pursuit of becoming a professional athlete comes with sacrifices the average person doesn't endure. Christian dives into the moments of reflection where he explains his experience in being so heavily focused on baseball, that it made it difficult to be present or focus on other aspects of life.  Christian gives advice on how to navigate life as an upcoming player giving examples and analogies from his own experiences. He has the gift to be able to relate to players of all levels, giving them perspective on how to get through tough moments on and off the field.  Player Bio: Christian Colón is a Puerto Rican former professional baseball infielder. Played in MLB for the Kansas City Royals, Miami Marlins, and Cincinnati Reds.  Colón was an All-American shortstop. He was then selected with the fourth overall pick of the 2010 MLB Draft by the Kansas City Royals. Serving as a utility player during the 2015 season. He entered Game 5 of the 2015 World Series (his first appearance in the playoffs) in the top of the 12th as a pinch hitter. After not making a plate appearance for four weeks, he hit a single to score Jarrod Dyson for the winning run to clinch the World Series, marking the first time in history that a player in his first at bat in a World Series delivered the Series-winning run.
  • 25 min read
There are a lot of experiences that have shaped the company, some which have set the precedent. Naysayers and the underlying premise of you'll never make it is what drove Freddie and the crew to push along. Tater from it's infancy was being compared to the largest players in the industry - while the comparison at the time was unfair, it was what ultimately drove the company to be where it stands today. 
  • 12 min read
The Tater Kong represents what Tater stands for. The trials and tribulations experienced from starting a baseball brand in a very competitive industry has not only motivated us as a company but has allowed us to relate to players of all levels. The Tater Kong has something to prove - baseball culture is changing and it represents the new school, the new identity of baseball.  
  • 20 min read
Setting trends has never been something new to us. On our journey to be  different and make an impact on the game - we have been inspired by the  moments we have lived through that has shaped everything we do and who we are.
  • 13 min read
Born in the backyard shed in 2015, the origin story of Tater is as American as can be. From humble beginnings to making an impact at the highest level of baseball, Tater has some of the best players of this era using the product day in and day out.
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Unfortunately due to the current situation we are living in, many seniors across the country in both high school and college had their senior seasons abruptly ended.
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