TB-243 Pro

The TB-243 is ideal for players seeking an end-loaded bat with a bigger barrel than the average bat while having a thin handle. Preferred by power hitters of all ages.This model exceeds expectations when players pick up this bat looking for barrel size and swing weight.

The thin handle and large barrel is great for players who want to feel more of the barrel of the bat when they swing. Simply put this bat is for experienced players who want to have more power when they step up to the plate to swing the bat.


  • Traditional knob  
  • 2.53" diameter barrel
  • 15/16" diameter handle
  • Extra Large Barrel
  • Our most end-loaded bat offered

Wood Species Info 

Maple is the most popular wood used to make bats. Maple is a very hard and dense wood which many say helps the ball jump off the barrel of the maple bat.

Maple bats are hard giving little to no flex and is usually preferred to advanced hitters looking to add pop and distance to their swing.

Yellow birch is often referred to as the perfect combination between Maple and Ash. Birch has solidness close to Maple but with some flexibility closer to ash. Yellow birch is the best for novice hitters who may mishit more than the advanced hitter.

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