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Short Bat Trainers - Bat Pack

Short Bat Trainers - Bat Pack

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The RSD is a short bat ideal for one-handed drills, soft toss, and even live pitching. 

The RSD comes with a flared knob which allows players to more adequately control the barrel of the trainer.

The TB-ML19 is a short bat ideal for two-handed drills, soft toss, and even live pitching. Also has a larger barrel size than the RSD.

This tool is specifically used of inside hitting drills. Older players use this trainer to drive with their bottom hand while younger players use it to learn barrel control. 

The DFT, or the Double Flat Trainer, is a short bat with two flat sides. This allows hitters to learn proper position at contact and reinforces square contact.

The trainer is designed to be hit on either the rounded portion to develop a players hand-eye coordination or the flat portion to ensure they are not "rolling over". The trainer helps hitters determine a square path to the ball as well as challenges their ability to maintain proper mechanics.

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