Premium Finish Maple Fungo PRO (Big Barrel PS150 Model)

About the model

Whether you want the fungo to use for training or to impress your coach with a season ending “Thank You” gift – we ensure that our fungos are made with the same quality control specs as our MLB grade game bats.

No need to wear yourself out hitting ground balls and fly balls to your team. Tater Bats fungo wood baseball bats are specifically designed for coaches to easily hit ground balls and fly balls for infield or outfield practice.

The end weight design helps you swing with less effort. The bat is lightweight and durable.


  • 1.75" traditional knob 
  • .890" handle
  • 2.438" barrel 
  • End-loaded feel

Wood Species Info 

Maple is the most popular wood used to make bats. Maple is a very hard and dense wood which many say helps the ball jump off the barrel of the maple bat.

Maple bats are hard giving little to no flex and is usually preferred to advanced hitters looking to add pop and distance to their swing.

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