Premium Finish Birch TB-U10 Pro

The TB-U10 model is designed to reduce the amount of compression a hitter's hand experiences when swinging frequently. Players are quickly switching to this model - especially if they already experience pain or have had a broken hamate in the past. Since there is no knob, players are able to gain an additional 1/2" on their barrel using this model. 

The TB-U10 is ideal for those who like the comfort of a flared knob and take swings regularly.

On more traditional knobs, players may experience a painful rub on the inside of their palm - the U10 alleviates that problem. 


  • Completely flared knob designed for maximum comfort 
  • 2.5" diameter barrel
  • Large sweet spot
  • Balanced feel

Wood Species Info 

Yellow birch is often referred to as the perfect combination between Maple and Ash. Birch has solidness close to Maple but with some flexibility closer to ash. Yellow birch is the best for novice hitters who may mishit more than the advanced hitter.

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