Premium Finish Birch TB-P72

The TB-P72 has been one of the more popular models with MLB players over the past few decades. Players such as Jeter, Cal Ripken, Jr., and Robin Yount, among others used this model as their primary bat in the show.

The TB-P72 is known for its ultra thin handled tapered barrel design. This model is very popular among pro ball players. The balanced feel of this bat is great for gap and power hitters.


  • Traditional knob  
  • 2.475" diameter barrel
  • Thin 15/16" diameter handle
  • Our most balanced model currently offered

Wood Species Info 

Yellow birch is often referred to as the perfect combination between Maple and Ash. Birch has solidness close to Maple but with some flexibility closer to ash. Yellow birch is the best for novice hitters who may mishit more than the advanced hitter.

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