Premium Finish Birch TB-M110 Pro

The TB-M110 has been a standard model throughout the major leagues for many years. This well balanced model offers power with a medium sized barrel.

This bat is best known for balance and for its 1 inch handle. This thick handle helps with the bats durability. The more weight in the middle of the TB-M110 bat makes it easier to swing through the zone helping with bat speed.

Many players wanting phenomenal balance while swinging a bat will choose the TB-M110. The TB-M110 is a great choice for players new to swinging wood bats.


  • Medium flared knob 
  • Enough knob to catch your hand on
  • 2.5" diameter barrel
  • 1" diameter handle
  • Balanced feel

Wood Species Info 

Yellow birch is often referred to as the perfect combination between Maple and Ash. Birch has solidness close to Maple but with some flexibility closer to ash. Yellow birch is the best for novice hitters who may mishit more than the advanced hitter.

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