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3 years ago, we got created and released the first ever Pine Tar style wood bat. Since then its become our most popular colorway by far. Click the image above to get yours. 


Always designed for form and function

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Made by ballplayers for ballplayers, read our story by clicking the image above to learn more. 

About the Tater-M110 Wood Bat

The M110 has been a standard model throughout the major leagues for many years. This well balanced model offers power with a medium sized barrel.

This bat is best known for balance and for its 1 inch handle. This thick handle helps with the bats durability. The more weight in the middle of the M110 bat makes it easier to swing through the zone helping with bat speed.

Many players wanting phenomenal balance while swinging a bat will choose the M110. The M110 is a great choice for players new to swinging wood bats.

Below is an up-close visual to highlight the details in both the handle and barrel.

Here's each color option below. Every color can be paired with a different color handle and barrel. You can use this as a reference to get creative with your custom bat!
custom wood bat builder with color options